We all need to get this which often is not such an easy to do! Most relationships that breakdown do so believing that because things aren’t going so well, the best thing to do is bail out, find someone better and live happily ever after with them.

If this ever happens, then at best it’s a rare thing.

It is this sort of thinking that creates the mindset for virtually guaranteeing that whatever is blocking you from moving forward, is still there, is not going away, and is slowly but surely eroding the potential that your relationship has to be great.

This is the same mindset that created your emotional ‘bricks’ in the first place and it’s the mindset that will keep these bricks there when it’s all said and done.

You’ve got to deal with what’s behind the bricks, usually this is the hope that, “If I can just get away from here then I can give myself another chance and with what I know now, I’ll get it right this time!”

The hope is that you’ve now learnt what you need to know so that you will … “Never again will I get with an alcoholic!” or “Never again will I stay in a relationship with someone who abuses me!” or “Never again will I commit to someone who just wants to degrade me and treat me badly.” The possibilities are endless of course.

But unfortunately it doesn’t work like this. In fact the opposite is more likely to be true! Time after time the promise that, “I’ll never do that again …” gets broken, with the biggest likelihood being that you end up doing it all over again but with someone different.

This is because when you and your partner got together, there was a deep inner reason for the attraction you felt.  Until this reason is dealt with, you’ll keep being attracted to similar sorts of people. This is the emotional bricks at work, doing their thing to keep driving you towards these sorts of people.

So, if you want a different life, you have change the bricks within. Just changing your partner, is not going to do it for you.

This means an emotional upgrade where you take ownership of the problem. It is you rather than your partner who’s doing this to you. It’s what’s going on within you that is creating the toxicity in your life. All your partner is doing is triggering the stuff so that it comes into your awareness.

This is stuff that can be dealt with, and in a way that permanently changes your life so that it’s no longer a problem. I will happily show you how this can work in your life. All you have to do is CLICK HERE to make a free, no obligation, 45-minute appointment to talk with me.

During this discussion, I’ll show you exactly what can work for you personally.

The guarantee is that no matter what happens, at the end of our discussion you will have a viable plan for dealing with whatever it is that you need to deal with to improve your life.

I look forward to maybe having the opportunity to talk with you soon.

So Be It

Robert Hilliar