How do you communicate?

This is a brief 10 question assessment that should talk around 3 minutes to complete. In answering the questions, use your intuition and rely on the first thought that comes into you mind as you read each question

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Think of what it is like when you and your partner are communicating together. How likely is it that you ...

1. Are both interested in what each other has to say?
2. Have an arguments that you are unable to resolve?
3. Have heated discussions where you talk loudly in order to get your point across?
4. Just stop talking and go into silence when you are unable to agree on something?
5. Feel uncomfortable yet you just pretend things are OK when in fact they aren’t?
6. Use abusive and/or derogatory language to put each other down as a way of proving your point?
7. Make each other wrong when one or both of your have a views that the other believes to be the wrong thing?
8. And/or your partner become very forceful as one or both of you tries to insist that the other agrees to a particular point of view? 

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