DNA Relationships Assessment

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Welcome to the DNA Relationships Assessment.

Although there is no time time limit, to complete the assessment is approximately 5 mins.

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QUESTION: When troubles arise in your intimate relationship, do you and/or your partner ...

1. Find fault with each other?
2. Blame each other?
3. Ridicule and/or humiliate each other?
4. Leave the discussion before it is completed?
5. Make threats to each other?
6. Make excuses and justify your actions?
7. Consider separating and/or divorcing?
8. Find something else to do?

QUESTION: In your efforts to be even more successful, how often do you and/or your partner ...

1. Be of service to each other?
2. Listen intently to each other?
3. Seek to understand each other?
4. Feel in-love with each other?
5. Enjoy being together?
6. Talk rationally and with common sense to each other? 
7. Spend one-on-one time together?
8. Support each other?

QUESTION: When you are together and no one else is involved, how often do you and/or your partner ...

1. Feel contended and satisfied?
2. Resolve challenges you have?
3. Overcome obstacles holding you back?
4. Work together and find solutions?
5. Achieve what you set out to achieve?
6. Fell excited and invigorated by each other?
7. Feel the sense of being in control?
8. Just talk to each other?

SECTION 4: When communicating together, how often do you and/or your partner ...

1. Listen intently and without interruption to each other?
2. Argue and have conflict?
3. Yell and talk over each other?
4. Stop talking and become sulky?
5. Pretend it's ok when it is not?
6. Use abusive and/or derogatory language?
7. Express love and affection for each other?
8. Laugh and/or enjoy the conversation?

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Robert learned heaps when he divorced, and even more when his second marriage started to go the same way. When he divorced he was a relationship counsellor, so it didn’t take much to figure out that the traditional way of thinking, having failed once, was also unlikely to work this time.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, he and his wife Annie decided to do something different; they committed themselves to personal development on the inside, and left their relationship to do its own thing on the outside. Soon their relationship was solidly on track and reaching heights they had never experienced before.

As Robert was an experienced Registered Psychologist, plus a trained and accredited Marriage Guidance Counsellor, he has incorporate the now proven strategies to his on-going work with people in difficult relationships.

Robert believes that good relationships make enormous differences to every other part of a person’s life, including their career and business life and their financial life, as well as their confidence and overall emotional well-being. Robert teaches powerful strategies and techniques, to take relationships into the realm of the best they can possibly be.