There’s a major purpose to every relationship that so often gets lost. It’s to do with our need to transform ourselves into better and stronger people, and it’s something our relationships can help us do.

We can be so focused on being happy and content that we believe that’s all there is. We can be so obsessed with doing the right thing by each other that we lose sight of what’s driving us. Many of us become so vigilant about who is right and who is wrong that we lose perspective.

This is not enough. We need to connect to within, to the essence of what your relationship is trying to do for you. To the essence of what’s happening because we’re together. This aspect can be difficult to understand.

We need to look at the way we put things together, at the way we build things, at how we produce the materials that we use when we build things. This is what we do every day; we put things together hoping to create something better.

But when we put chemicals together it goes to a whole new level; to transformations that are created by the changes the chemicals. None of them are the same anymore and they can no longer go back to being what they were.

What’s created could not have been done by any chemical alone so it’s the reaction that has really mattered. This is what happens for instance when plastics get made. The chemicals work together to produce magic.

This is a great analogy for relationships. It’s what the arguments and conflicts and the wonderful exhilarating times can really be all about? What the meanings of the reactions you and the love of your life have on each other cab be about?

I put it to you that what is happening is like a chemical reaction; you and your wonderful partner are reacting to each other and in the process transforming into people who are stronger, better and more able.

And just like all chemical reactions, once they have done their work the arguments and conflicts come to an end because the transformation is complete and a new improved you has been produced!

Can you see why working to fix the problem can not last long. Doing so is just fighting against the process of the relationship trying to transform you both into better and stronger people.

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Robert Hilliar.