Every year millions of people in different places all over the world get divorced. All of them are hoping for something better, yet something better is not always likely to happen. When new relationships are formed, very often those very same issues that caused the separation, re-surface. Only in very few cases, is divorce warranted.

Around 1976 new legislation around the world made divorce easier than ever before. The floodgates opened; a backlog of people presented themselves to the ‘new divorce’ courts, and then it settled down to what we still have today; around 50% of all marriages ending in divorce.

Since then governments all over the world have been spending billions of dollars trying to fix the problem, which is huge in terms of family destruction and financial devastation. Yet the figures prevail.

Around 50% of all marriages end in divorce, with 75% of divorcees getting divorced again. Everyone is hoping for something better, but that usually doesn’t happen because … divorce doesn’t work.

Furthermore, the fact is most couples who stay married eventually find their partner is worth hanging around for, even if at one time they thought their marriage was a disaster. All things considered, you’re probably better off trying to make some improvements to your current marriage instead of just walking away. To cape it all off, five-years down the track those who were going to get divorced but chose not to, end up happier than those who got divorced.

So the question is not about how come so many of us end up getting divorced when the outcomes are so bad. It’s more about what do we need to know in order to stay together, and what do the couples who stay together and live happily ever after do different, and finally can people learn to do this?

The quick answer to those questions is, people get divorced when they believe they have no other option, Couples stay together because they have strategies and tools for dealing with the challenges, conflicts and emotional blockages when these come up, and yes anyone can do this. Once you have these simple tools it’s not difficult to stay together till death do you part.

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