Guidance from the Life-Force

Changing your life from deep within



There is so much more we can do these days to expand our personal boundaries so we get a whole lot more out life. I personally am more excited than ever by the powerfulness of Life-Force.

It is a force that gives us the ability to unlock potential, to unshackle ourselves from negative energies and to heal at levels we have never previously known how to use.

I’ve found Life-Force to be a wonderful strategy for dealing with blockages and for developing better ways of achieving. The more I use it, the better I become at using it and the results are a great feeling, to say the least.

To get the complete picture with regard to your personal circumstances please CONTACT ME and perhaps we can make a plan!

Guidance From The Life-Force

Life-Force guides you when you use intuition. This is not a complicated way to make breakthroughs in your life, provided you allow yourself to think differently. By accessing and working with the deepest blockages within, you are enabled to make the breakthroughs that are going to be profound and usually for the rest of your life.

The guidance from Life-Force provides you with opportunities to heal in the present by (1) Identifying current blockages  (2) Gaining immediate access to their primary root cause from the past , which enables you to (3) Resolve issues in the present.

The limits of this form of guidance are the ones we impose on ourselves. Are you willing to allow yourself to go deep into the earliest years of your childhood when you were just a baby? What about into the time you had in the womb before you were born? What about into things that you experienced even before that?

The world that opens up through intuition is an amazing world with lots of thoughts and concepts that you might never have considered relevant before. Yet, if you know about the creative powers of your beliefs and the effect these can have on your life, then you’re already on the right track. The question many people ask is, “How to get to the next level?”

Life-Force Guidance techniques take you further down the track of this way of thinking and feeling. It is simply the way to move even further forward and it can be a mind-blowing experience when you just allow yourself to be taken to precisely where you need to go to make specific breakthroughs you need to make.

It is a very special experience when you discover what this method has to offer you personally. Please feel free to MAKE CONTACT to enable us to be of service to you. Until you know how this can work for you, the service is FREE. And there is NO OBLIGATION until you decide that it’s time to start moving forward.

“Thank you for Helping me…the only Way is Up!”

“When we first met with Rob our relationship was in serious trouble and headed for certain divorce. By working with Rob, we got back on track and today we are stronger than ever. It’s now a number of years later, and we have had enormous work pressures because my business has just taken off, and Maria has had some great career prospects to deal with. Plus my father was seriously ill and our children were growing up too fast. It’s great that our relationship handled all of this and continues to support us both. We talk about everything and we just love being together. As for the future … the only way is up!!”

Mick Evans

Concrete Cutter and Business Owner, Kingsbury

Meet Robert Hilliar, psychologist, psychological life-force guide.

At 15-years-old I left school to be a farmer. I eventually realized farming was not for me. I then spent 12 months in the Australian Army as a National Serviceman, committed myself to education, obtained tertiary qualification and I became married.

I became a Primary School Teacher, a Registered Psychologist and an Accredited Marriage Guidance Counsellor. I also became divorced.

In 1991, I set up Private Practice as a Registered Psychologist. In this role I worked with people in difficult relationships, sexual abuse victims, victims of crime, victims of road trauma, Vietnam Veterans with PTSD, and people traumatized by cults.

I was hired by lawyers to do psychological reports for Magistrate Courts, County Courts and the Family Court of Australia. I consulted to businesses in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hawaii and USA, as an expert in the DISC system of Preferred Behaviour Style.

In 1991 I met Annie my second wife and we spent many years attending personal growth seminars and personal development workshops.

Now, I am expanding my boundaries further as I enter the entirely new realm that is opened up by intuition. This is an exciting new development and initial results are outstanding.

To talk with me personally to see if I am ‘right’ for you, all you need do is CONTACT ME and I will get back to you asap