Do you feel you are being held back? Think about it, ‘Is life treating you as you would like it to, or are you stuck?

If you’re stuck there’s definitely more you can do. Strategies are available  that are really good at helping people break-through and move on to better futures.

These are strategies that combine psychology with guidance from spirit guides. And yes, these are not everyone. It may be that they are not in alignment with you personal spiritual beliefs. Please feel free to investigate this further when you call for a chat.

This is a process of self development, self-love, self-worth, self-awareness and so on. It is a way to discover yourself that goes beyond simply providing solutions to problems, and into helping people develop strategies for personal success.

If this feels right for you, then come along and explore it further. If you want you can embark on journey of personal discover where you experience that special joy and happiness that comes only from achievement.

To stick your toe in the water so to speak, you may like to complete this short 3 minute quiz. This will give you a brief insight into a strategy that you need to master. Also feel free to CONTACT ME to talk about how this might enhance your best path for moving forward.

“Thank you for Helping me…the only Way is Up!”

“When we first met with Rob our relationship was in serious trouble and headed for certain divorce. By working with Rob, we got back on track and today we are stronger than ever. It’s now a number of years later, and we have had enormous work pressures because my business has just taken off, and Maria has had some great career prospects to deal with. Plus my father was seriously ill and our children were growing up too fast. It’s great that our relationship handled all of this and continues to support us both. We talk about everything and we just love being together. As for the future … the only way is up!!” Mick Evans

Concrete Cutter and Business Owner, Kingsbury

Meet Robert Hilliar, Psychologist RELATIONSHIPS SPECIALIST

Around 30 years ago I was divorced. No big deal perhaps, except that at the time I was a marriage guidance counsellor charged with helping couples stay together! That’s when I knew something wasn’t right.

I didn’t want to be a divorced person (who does?). I should have been able to stop it because I had everything at my disposal; access to the best professional help in the world, plus I knew the theory, and I was familiar with the most up-to-date knowledge. So why did I still go ahead with the pain and destruction of separation and divorce?   

I had to find this out!

Eventually, I found the answers. Surprise! surprise! … these were all within me.  That’s when I realized traditional relationship counselling was not the best option for me, especially when I looking outside of myself for the answers … I really had no hope!

When I finally found the answers deep within me, things changed. Since then I’ve been finding faster ways for getting to the source of problems.

For an quick insight into yourself simply complete this quiz  (Please don’t worry there is nothing for sale here!)