After a shaky start in my 20’s, I thought I was on track. In fact life was as wonderful as I felt it should be. I was married with a great career … until I reached 36 years of age.

Suddenly, I had lost my way — as psychologists do! I was working too hard, was too rational and too logical. I was overthinking, too much in-control, putting too much faith in self-help programs, and living in the hope that soon I would do better…

I had thought I was doing everything ‘right’, but in hindsight I really wasn’t coping.  This hit home when, as a Marriage Guidance Counsellor, my marriage broke down and I couldn’t help myself  deal with it properly.

Oh, the irony of it all!

I discovered first hand that separations and divorce are major traumatic events, not just for the two people involved, but for their families and the people they love! I already knew this of course, but to have it happen to me was a real learning experience. Most disturbing of all was that fact that this was definitely not in my plans, yet I nevertheless had to make it happen anyway! 

Now when I look back on the experience, I can see how it triggered me to seriously question my profession, the direction of my career, and the effectiveness of counselling and coaching. 

It’s how I came to realise that, no matter how good things were, something had always been missing. And since then, I’ve come across so many others who also feel something is missing. And I’ve discovered that traditional psychological thinking isn’t able to find it.

 So I set about learning to combine the science of psychology with the spirit of me.  I now call this Psycho-Symmetrics and just as this has changed my life, it can change yours too. 

Psycho-Symmetrics lead me to my true understanding about life, and it has left me with just one important challenge — to put it into practice in my life, every day.

This I now do, and its how I live my ‘happily ever after’ dream in Melbourne with my beloved wife, Annie.  We still have our issues and challenges of course, just like every normal married couple. But now we deal with the tough times because the old patterns are broken and we have new ways to think. Life is simpler and more enjoyable. 

To renovate our relationship we used Psycho-Symmetry. This was how we dealt issues we’d been struggling with for years. What we had to do was connect with spirit in ways that made us happier both in our marriage and our life.

You see, spirit loves success and thrives when things are going well. You have a spirit that wants to support you and help you get more of what you really want and need, and it is just waiting for you to find it.

It is a spirit that demands nothing of you, and instead is willing to just be there and help you unconditionally love your partner, your family, your friends and most of all yourself!

If you’re saying, “yes my relationship sure does need a renovation,” or if you’re in dire straights with a glimmering hope that you can still “fix things”  then CONTACT ME NOW, because you are probably so much closer to a BREAKTHROUGH than a break-up! 

“Thank you for Helping me…the only Way is Up!”

“When we first met with Rob our relationship was in serious trouble and headed for certain divorce. By working with Rob, we got back on track and today we are stronger than ever. It’s now a number of years later, and we have had enormous work pressures because my business has just taken off, and Maria has had some great career prospects to deal with. Plus my father was seriously ill and our children were growing up too fast. It’s great that our relationship handled all of this and continues to support us both. We talk about everything and we just love being together. As for the future … the only way is up!!” Mick Evans

Concrete Cutter and Business Owner, Kingsbury