AfteR a shaky start in my 20’s, I thought I was on track. I was married, had a family and a great career. THEN I GOT STUCK AND Couldn’t KEEP GOING.

I was working hard, thinking logically and was way out of balance. It felt like I was doing it ‘right’, but clearly I wasn’t.

It hit home when I got divorced. I was a marriage guidance counsellor at the time, yet I couldn’t help myself.

I was doing something I thought I would never do and I couldn’t stop. And it turned out to be every bit as aweful as I was hoping it wouldn’t be.

But it did have an upside; it caused me to question my profession and my career. I soon realised that something was seriously amiss in my life and that my traditional style of psychological thinking wasn’t giving me the answers I needed.



I had to get back on track, which I did by combining the science of psychology with the insights of intuitive thinking.

This is ‘You-Therapy’. ‘You-Therapy’ is a complete and natural way for upgrading yourself and its all about you. It’s how I live ‘happily ever after’ in Melbourne with my beloved wife, Annie. 

We use the principles of ‘You-Therapy’ to keep ourselves emotionally untangled and connected during the good times and the bad. This is the foundation of love and success, so when the going gets tough, we can help and support each other, instead go attacking.

If your life is a mess of tangled emotion, CONTACT ME so we can discuss how to untangle the emotion and be moving on.

“Thank you for Helping me…the only Way is Up!”

“When we first met with Rob our relationship was in serious trouble and headed for certain divorce. By working with Rob, we got back on track and today we are stronger than ever. It’s now a number of years later, and we have had enormous work pressures because my business has just taken off, and Maria has had some great career prospects to deal with. Plus my father was seriously ill and our children were growing up too fast. It’s great that our relationship handled all of this and continues to support us both. We talk about everything and we just love being together. As for the future … the only way is up!!”

Mick Evans

Concrete Cutter and Business Owner, Kingsbury

I’m just like everyone else. I developed into who I am as a result of the experiences I’ve had in my life; the most profound being divorce. No big deal perhaps, except at the time I was a marriage guidance counsellor supposedly helping people stay together.

Something definitely wasn’t right. I theoretically had everything I could possibly need to keep my relationship on the straight and narrow, so I believed I was protected. However, despite the best help in the world, plus knowing the most well respected theories and having access to the most up-to-date knowledge, I went ahead anyway.

I knew the pain and destruction that was to come, but it didn’t matter. I was beyond rational behaviours and logical thinking. I was too far gone to worry about making sense, and my traditional psychological thinking had little to offer. 

Fast forward 30+ years to now, and I am happily married to Annie for the rest of my life. I an totally confident about this because when the going get’s tough, we both know what to do … we both know what works … and we both do it!

We also know how to stay committed ‘til death do us part’ and we make sure we work together to deal with challenges whenever they come along. We get to the Primary Root Cause of whatever is not working, and we resolve it.

This is how we live ‘happily ever after’ and yes, for us this is a beautiful way to live.