When you tap into your Deep Deep Deep unconscious mind, you are inevitably going to discover a force that is possibly stronger than you have have previously realized. This is your Life-Force and it’s literally indestructible.

It has the power to unshackle negative energies and heal like never before, and when it comes to achieving things for yourself, this is what you really need to be tapped in to. It is a great strategy and the more you do this, the better the results are going to get.

May I invite you to CONTACT ME so we can make a plan for tapping into your Deep Deep Deep, and take more control of your life.

This is not a complicated way to breakthrough, but you do need to think differently. It’s about working with your deepest blockages, in a way that is natural, comfortable and makes total sense.

It is the opportunity to heal yourself by identifying blockages, accessing the Primary Root Cause and resolving the issues at their source.

The only limits are the self-imposed ones and our job is to guide you through these. All you have to do is be willing to go to where you take yourself, where ever that may be for you. We’ll be there to hold your hand and make sure you find the best way.

This is the world of intuition where there are thoughts and concepts that you might never have considered relevant before. It is a simply way that can nevertheless be a mind-blowing experience or perhaps a nice gentle move forward. What happens is up to you because you have the final say.

Whatever happens, it is a special experience to discover these parts of yourself. As always, feel free to CONTACT ME to see if we can make a plan that outlines your best path for moving forward.

“Thank you for Helping me…the only Way is Up!”

“When we first met with Rob our relationship was in serious trouble and headed for certain divorce. By working with Rob, we got back on track and today we are stronger than ever. It’s now a number of years later, and we have had enormous work pressures because my business has just taken off, and Maria has had some great career prospects to deal with. Plus my father was seriously ill and our children were growing up too fast. It’s great that our relationship handled all of this and continues to support us both. We talk about everything and we just love being together. As for the future … the only way is up!!”

Mick Evans

Concrete Cutter and Business Owner, Kingsbury

Meet Robert Hilliar, psychologist, psychological life-force guide.

Do you feel constrained whenever you try to improve yourself? Is your relationship with you enabling you to be the best you can be? Do your relationships promote and support your growth and development?

Around 30 years ago I was divorced. No big deal perhaps, except that I was a marriage guidance counsellor charged with helping couples stay together! I knew something had to be wrong, so I took time out to discover what I was missing. It was hidden deep inside me and through in depth personal work, I exposed it.

But during the process I resisted the learnings, and it wasn’t until I realized exactly what I needed that I was able to start moving on. From then on it all made sense. Breaking through is not been so difficult these days, and the relationships with my life partner, work colleagues, friends and money is crucial for this.

Each is instrumental in providing unique insights into the evolving relationship I have with myself.

20 years later, I now call this the Relationships for Success System, and it uses relationships to create resilient success.

It’s what worked for us when we were on the way to separation and divorce (again), and I have since guided many thousands of other people from all walks of life to do similar. The system is more powerful, refined and successful than ever before, and it transforms problems into growth and development.

The process we’ve designed breaks through success barriers by recognizing problems as the unique keys to success that they are.

Now instead of fighting against problems, we go with the flow and the breakthroughs happen many times faster than we ever thought possible. The process turns problems into huge benefit rather than potentially destroying what we have.

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